Questions to Ask Your Prospective Florist

Choosing a florist can sound like such an easy job, but is it really? Finding one is probably effortless. Everywhere you look, there's a flower shop somewhere, whether online or offline. The thing is, are they all the same? Can you pick any florist and expect to get the same benefits as any other florist in the area? Of course, the answer is no. In fact, there can be huge differences from one flower shop to another, and for this reason you need to put in a little more effort before deciding which florist to go with.
As you check out one prospect after another, ask them following questions:
1. How fresh are the flowers?
This is something you'll have to ask yourself, and you can find the answers by personally visiting the flower shop. Look around. Even if you don't talk to the El Paso florist, it will be pretty easy to judge by the look of their flowers if they are indeed fresh or not. Of course, this is a very important step. You'd like your flowers to be as fresh and beautiful as can be, whether you need them for a wedding or any similar occasion, or just to make someone smile.
2. Where do you get your flowers?
This question should obviously be addressed to the florist. Why is this important? Because if a florist orders flowers from another supplier who also orders flowers from another supplier, that means it's going to take a long time for the flowers you want to be delivered to you or your intended recipient. A longer supply chain can mean less fresh flowers, or it can mean complications when it comes to delivery. You don't want any of these two problems, so as much as possible, choose a shop that has its own farm producing its own supplies.
3. Can you guarantee a timely delivery, and what options do you offer? 
Delivery is another crucial aspect when it comes to considerations for choosing a florist. You don't want to spoil an event or your personal plans by choosing a florist who can't deliver the flowers when and where you want them. Ask your prospect what options they offer and whether or not there will be a refund in case they fail to deliver the flowers on time.
4. What packages do you offer and how should I pay you?
Finally, remember that different Dallas florist offer different packages at different rates. You'd like to know that you can get the best rates without necessarily sacrificing the quality of the flowers. The more prospects you consider, the most room for comparison there will be, and the better you can make your final decision. Aside from the cost, make sure you ask about their payment options. You'd like to choose a shop that will let you pay conveniently.